The Word of God

Without the Bible we wouldn't know about the need for a savior; we wouldn't know about the need for grace. We would lack purpose and meaning. If this sounds like anything you have experienced, then investigate Jesus. We would love to answer any questions you have, and offer a safe place to worship and seek your Creator.


Find a Home for the Broken

We each experience life in different ways, but all of us came from the same maker. We need a healer. We need a home. Jesus gives us the treatment we need to be whole again. We gather as a home for the broken, because we know we aren't perfect either, but with Jesus we can grow together.



The Gospel of Jesus

Jesus came to bring a welcome message of forgiveness, acceptance, love, and grace. But He also demanded hard things like repentance, love, and sacrifice. He asked that we treat all others as more important than self. Most aren't willing to accept this. But Jesus lived all those things. He died for you. And now He is simply asking that you honor His sacrifice by the way you live your life.


I found Grace

"I found grace through slowly and steadily looking at God's word. I know I don't deserve forgiveness or a second chance. If I were in God's shoes it would be difficult to accept me. That's how I found grace. Not through any grand action on my part, and not because He is anything like me. But by faith that the God of the Bible - Jesus - actually loves me and wants to pardon my sin.



Recent Studies


What is Church?

Church is an old word for a group of people. The Bible simply talks about disciples of Jesus gathering to worship and study. Our worship is about pleasing the Lord, not ourselves. Our studies are about the text of scripture. Our funds and events are about spreading the Word of God and assisting fellow saints in their deepest needs. Outside these group activities you will find members of the Lord's church busy and active in supporting the poor, speaking for righteousness and justice, and building godly communities.





What will you find Here?


You won't find judgment or condecending attitudes here. You won't find slaves to tradition or naivety. We are all here to study and worship with a clean heart. Scripture, not our own opinion, is the authority. You will find us asking questions, seeking truth, listening to your input. We believe beleivers are stronger together. You pick the time and place, and we will make sure your prayers are supported, your questions heard, and your spirit encouraged.