Summer Series

Summer Series

2023: Parables Jesus Taught

Thursdays June-August @7pm Pacific Time

Throughout 2023 at Issaquah, we are being intentional about really honing in specifically on Jesus’ teachings. To that end our theme for all of 2023 is “sitting at the feet of the master”. In keeping with that theme, for our 2023 issaquah church summer series we want to have lessons specifically dealing with “The Parables that Jesus Taught”. We want to take a deep dive on each parable to glean that parable teachings and principles for our lives. Join us in person at our home address, or join our Livestream on Youtube.



2022: Faith in Action

This summer, 2022, we invited 11 speakers to share their Biblical based lessons on this years focus: Faith in Action. Even though we did not constrain their direction, they all approached the subject in unique and non-overlapping ways. They each brought a fresh perspective and added value to the series. 


  Date Title Speaker Series Service Files Play
The Good Samaritan 08/31/23 The Good Samaritan Dan May Parables Jesus Taught Meeting The_Good_Samaritan_-_Dan_May.mp3
Tenant Farmers 08/24/23 Tenant Farmers Rod MacArthur Parables Jesus Taught Meeting The_Tenant_Farmers_-_Rod_MacArthur.mp3
Hidden Treasure and Pearl of Value 08/17/23 Hidden Treasure and Pearl of Value Rudy Taylor Parables Jesus Taught Meeting Hidden_Treasure_and_Pearl_of_Value.mp3
Parable of the Sower 08/10/23 Parable of the Sower Eben Pobee Parables Jesus Taught Meeting The_Parable_of_the_Sower_-_Eben_Pobee_1.mp3
The Prodigal Son 07/27/23 The Prodigal Son Mike Brenneman Parables Jesus Taught Meeting The_Prodigal_Son_-_Mike_Brenneman.mp3
Workers in the Vineyard 07/20/23 Workers in the Vineyard Buck Barrett Parables Jesus Taught Meeting Parable_of_the_Workers_in_the_Vineyard_-_Buck_Barrett.mp3
Parable of the Wheat and the Weeds 07/13/23 Parable of the Wheat and the Weeds Julian Robinson Parables Jesus Taught Meeting Parable_of_the_Wheat_and_the_Weeds_-_Julian_Robinson.mp3
The Pharisee and the Publican 07/06/23 The Pharisee and the Publican Chad Sychtysz Parables Jesus Taught Meeting Pharisee_and_the_Publican_-_Chad_Sychtysz.mp3
Parable of the Heart of Man 06/29/23 Parable of the Heart of Man Ben Keehn Parables Jesus Taught Meeting Parable_of_the_Heart_of_Man_-_Ben_Keehn-1691131229.mp3
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