Work With Us

Work With Us

In this role you will partner with the elders and members as we work arm-in-arm to share the hope found through the Good News to the local community. You will help equip the saints and actively work to plant and water the field of souls God has laid before us.

We seek an evangelist who’s rooted in His Word, ready to work in his fields, and has a strong desire to do His will. We desire a man of character, resolve, and a desire to please our Creator.

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Does this sound like you?

We encourage you to submit your information for consideration after you have read below


In terms of experience, we are looking at what you’ve done more than how long you’ve been doing it. To that end, you need to show (by content and reference) that you are:

  • able to help congregations grow and spread the good news

  • have experience personally sharing the good news with non-Christians
  • have a command of God’s Word and navigating the false doctrines pervasive in our world today

  • can help build and edify a congregation to equip them for the work.



Preach the Word - 2 Tim 4:2-5
We seek someone to preach the word in sound doctrine. You will reprove, rebuke, exhort with patience and instruction. You will operate as a humble bond servant of the Lord and member of the congregation. Working in concert with the elders, you will help craft the plans for the edification and building up of the saints. This will be fulfilled via sermons, bible classes, and other studies.

Support Outreach
In this role you will work with the digital evangelist to ensure our digital outreach efforts stay up-to-date and on course. This will mean providing content, materials, and other items as needed our outreach efforts to continue.

Engage the Community
In this role you will actively engage with the elders and members as we plan and fulfill our duty to be lights to those around us. We want an evangelist with a sincere, working desire to share the Good News and be a planter of the Word as described in 1 Corinthians 3:6.


This is not a role for the faint of heart—but it is a role that promises support for you to do the work of God side-by-side with a local group that wants to do His will and be His disciples.

We also believe that “a worker is worthy of his wages” as noted in 1 Timothy 5:18. To that end the congregation will provide a solid and highly competitive compensation package that ensures you can spend your time focused on the very important work at hand.



For more than 50 years the church of Christ in Issaquah has been working to share the Good News with the local community. In the early 1980s the congregation moved to its current location in the heart of the city of Issaquah, just Northwest from the downtown area.

The Christians in Issaquah are a diverse group, with different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our common bond is the love of Christ and a desire to be his disciples in Word and deed. The congregation size over the decades has been between 20 and 130 members. It has operated with and without elders in that span of time. Today the congregation has 50 members, two elders, and two deacons.

The congregation has a rich history of supporting other evangelists. We have sponsored evangelist training programs and supported other works across the globe including the Philippines, India, Africa, South America, and the United States.

Over the past 50 years the church has worked with about 10 local evangelists with tenures of between 5 and 10 years in most cases. Our current evangelist, Darrell Beane, is moving to Eastern Washington at the year to be closer to his family.

In our current work, we also support a digital evangelist who works remotely with us. Luke Moyer provides helps us with outreach via our Website, YouTube channel, and social media. The elders and members believe this is a core part of reaching our local community. These efforts have helped us meet more people seeking God and given us the opportunity to share the Good News. Our next local evangelist would work with Luke to continue and expand this efforts.



Grounded in the Word
You need to have a strong working command of the scriptures and their application. You should be able to, “accurately handle the Word of truth” as described in 1 Timothy 2:15.

Able to Teach
You need to be able to convey that message so that hearers can receive it and apply it to their lives. Effective communication is critical here. This applies to settings with the members as part of worship as well as those outside the faith seeking Him.

A Man of Character
No one is perfect. That said we are seeking a man who’s life patterns after a walk in Christ as a Christian and an evangelist. References from faithful men and women will be part of this process.

Adept with Tools
We live in a digital world. You need to be comfortable using presentation and other productivity tools. You should be comfortable using a computer and working in the digital landscape of the Internet including website contributions (not building but providing content for it).

A Continuous Learner
All of God’s people continue to learn and grow. We expect you will continue to expand your knowledge of God’s word and the perspectives in brings



The elders at the Issaquah church welcome your application and inquiring into this position. 

Please use the link HERE or Picture below and/or forward your application to . If you have questions better asked and answered voice-to-voice, feel free to contact Steve Nicholes at 206-818-5316.

If you have any feedback, but are not interested in applying, you can submit a Comment below